Top 5 Best convertible stroller Window Bird Feeders

The manufacturer recommends suspending the unit from a shepherd’s staff hook or a branch at least four feet from ground level. The entire feeder, sock and all, should be washed periodically in warm, soapy water. And if you like to watch the birds from your deck, there’s the Stokes Select 27-Inch Metal Extended Reach Deck Hook with 360 Degree Swing, also available on Amazon. A quick response from customer service via Facebook let me know their suet feeders do not include warranties, though they are happy to assist customers with any issues. The Stokes Select Double Suet Bird Feeder with Metal Roof is available on Amazon. Suet is a nutritious, high-energy food that attracts species like woodpeckers, nuthatches, cardinals, wrens, bluebirds, and chickadees.

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  • Another good thing about window bird feeders is that you won’t have a hard time installing these.
  • Better models have a cone-shaped bottom that feeds the last seeds to the lowest feeder ports so that the birds can clean out a feeder themselves.
  • Suet feeders come in four main variations, each offering a different solution to attracting suet loving birds to your feeder.
  • Flack makes a similar-looking line of vases, which are also available on Etsy if you’re in need of a match.

Birds flying from a feeder only 2 or 3 feet away from the glass rarely convertible stroller get up enough speed to injure themselves. Although there are a bunch of disadvantages, these can be mitigated. On the other hand, the pros of having feeders can be maximized to its full potential. At the end of everything, it still is the bird feeders discretion as to what type of feeders to choose.

Feed Bird Seeds That Do Not Contain Fillers

When the feed gets over, you can refill it with another batch of suet and hang it back. It’s a dry wooden log drilled and made hollow in random places. These holes are stuffed with the suet mix, and the whole feeder is hanged in the garden. Like a cup and saucer, you can also use an old teapot for your winged friends.

Type of bird you are trying to attract – Woodpeckers and other long-tailed birds often prefer cages with a tail prop while smaller cages work best for titmice and chickadees. Test out what works for what birds you have and are hoping to attract. Suet is a favorite of many birds, including chickadees, jays, woodpeckers, warblers, and titmice. It can be fun and easy to make, adding a decorative addition to your feeder set up. Making your own is always an option that allows you to control the quality and nature of ingredients.

Best Tube Bird Feeder: Audubon Wild Bird Caged Tube Bird Feeder

And any visitors immediately want to talk about the bird feeders all over the windows and the entertainment they provide. Users love that this cedarwood bird feeder holds a lot of seed and that its mesh bottom layer allows it to stay put while letting debris fall through for easy cleaning. If you are determined to foil your squirrels, this one is built to deter them from top to bottom.

Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Domed Cage Bird Feeder

This is the most popular anti-squirrel technique and it’s quite effective. The largest of birds that visit backyard weighs around 3 oz. That’s around 10% the weight of a squirrel, and we’re talking about a small squirrel here. If you’re interested in attracting swallows, there are only eight different subspecies of American bird about which to learn.

The Kettle Moraine Window Bird Feeder holds 1 standard suet cake, and thus, attracts woodpeckers to your window. Since it’s a DIY window bird feeder, just be careful when screwing down the wooden supports. Also, it’s a bit inconvenient that you have to take it down when you have to clean the seed tray and might wear out the suction cups if frequently unmounted. When it comes to window bird feeders, cheap price does not mean cheap products. At least this is true for GrayBunny GB-6851, which comes in large birdseed tray with drain holes to keep the expensive seeds dry all throughout. Aside from its pretty design, this feeder is large enough to accommodate few cardinals and blue jays along with cute and fancy looking birds.

These installations are slim and don’t require screws or drilled holes, making them quite popular among many birders. It’s ideal for bird lovers who have an extra-wide or oddly shaped window, but not for those with thin windows because these tend to fall off easily and never really stay in place. If your window has heavy drapes, then this may be a good option too as long as they aren’t too wide since that will defeat the purpose of using Velcro straps. This type also allows you to see out so you can watch birds while they’re eating which is always fun.

Plus, the base of the feeder has both pole-mount and tray attachments, allowing you to display it in several different ways. Other birding and feeding mistakes that may occur include wrong seeds, keeping the window bird feeder seed tray empty for too long and filthy feeders are a no-no to the birds. They can survive foraging food in the wild so they may ignore your window bird feeder altogether. To avoid this, make sure to exert some effort to know your birds and what they need.

Choosing The Right Bird Food And Bird Feeder

My favorite feeder is a platform feeder mounted at the bottom of the window near my couch. When the Red-Winged Blackbirds come, I know spring is on the way. Tube feeders with smaller perches will attract smaller birds, such as finches, chickadees, and sparrows, keeping away larger birds such as grackles and jays. House feeders usually keep the bird seed protected from the elements. They can be put up on a pole or suspended from a pole or tree branch. One way to attract more birds to your yard is to provide a variety of feeders and food.