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The first people to discover yerba mate were the Guarani (pronounced wa-ra-nee). Their traditional homeland in Paraguay, northern Argentina, and southern Brazil overlaps the home range of wild yerba mate. The Guarani enjoy yerba mate as a daily tonic, and also as the basis of their medicinal system. They have a legend telling how yerba mate was the gift of a benevolent god, who gave the tree to a small group of weary travelers as a reward for their righteousness. The trade, however, did not prove a boon like coffee, tea, and cocoa, and when King Carlos III expelled Jesuits from their missions in 1767, their mate plantations were left to seed. His patients, from the elderly to the young but infirm, were soon experiencing increased vigor, mental clarity, and superior strength.

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  • When you’re making your yerba tea, avoid touching or stirring the straw much.
  • Such is the focus on maintaining a standard that all these gourds are hand-picked for their size and shape.
  • This is the main reason why mate gourds are the most popular and desired ones in Argentina and Uruguay.
  • Choosing your yerba mate gourd depends on your lifestyle and preferences since there are a variety of different types and sizes.
  • What is a gourd, how much yerba can I drink and many other questions answered in our General FAQ .
  • Drinking yerba mate is also an excellent way of getting more energy to perform your physical exercise or to be able to make it through a long workday.

While yerba mate gourds can be made of many materials – from squash to wood – new modern types of cups are available that allow people with a time-sensitive lifestyle to enjoy yerba mate. Bombilla is the traditional straw used for sipping loose leaf yerba mate. As a beginner drinking mate you will want to order a 250gr packet until you find which is the type of yerba tea or brand that you most like. As this presentation is not available for all brands, you can purchase a 500gr mate tea packet instead and have more options to choose from.

Mate Y Bombilla

This refers to the dust contained in Yerba mate preparations. Many companies will remove this dust, however, in a small amount, this polvo will help the mate stick together, and impart added flavor, making the cycle last longer. Finely ground mate, usually the finished product that is then packaged and shipped around the world for consumption. The active alkaloids such as caffeine and theobromine are bound to tannins, sugars, or phenols.

Yerba Mate Cup 304 Stainless Steel 8oz Argentine Yerba Mate Gourd With Bombillas Easy To Prepare And Clean

You can choose from a traditional calabash gourd , to either a wood, ceramic, or even silicone one these days. Because I wanted to go as traditional as possible, I found thistraditional gourdandbombillafrom Tealyra. I was also able to buymy yerba mate teafrom them and it ships from Canada. ✅ IDEAL FOR DAILY TEA – Get the most out of your tea drinking experience with our ceramic cup kit.

Yerba Mate enthusiasts who are always on the move know just how inconvenient it is to carry around an entire arsenal of gourds, bombillas, and hot water flasks. The people at Travel Tea are aware of their struggles, so they came up with a collapsing yerba mate teacup that is simple to expand, easy to clean and carry with you wherever you go. People that say you can only enjoy an excellent mate from a natural calabash gourd have surely did not sip one from this handmade glass yerba mate teacup. The eye-catching design of this gourd includes a sturdy blue glass with unique decorations and a nickel-plated trim that also serves as a stand.

Research has shown that sipping on this herbal infusion can help you in weight control. Much like green tea, yerba mate is beneficial in both losing weight and keeping it in control. This is due to its ability to cause increased calorie burn. It acts as a diuretic, which is also one of the reasons why it is so great for weight loss.

This was more like it, I decided, and proceeded to drink little else for the next week or two. I’ve calmed down a bit since then and gradually reintroduced some tea back into my beverage regimen. But I still find myself hitting the stuff pretty hard and even my wife, the lifelong javahead, has been known to set aside her smelly beans now and then in favor of a gourd or three. Nowadays yerba mate is enjoying something of a heyday in the United States.

That could be up to ten times, however, and sometimes people just want to have a few cups of their favorite yerba mate brand. Keep reading to find out all about this unique drink that’s starting to appear in the U.S. as a possible superfood with numerous health benefits. Yerba mate is a beverage with deep-rooted history and tradition.